Our Story

The Story Of Our Incredible Pet Gate

Today’s families have a more hectic lifestyle than ever before. With our pets being a very important part of our family we need to keep them safe. The question then became, what is the best way to manage an on the go lifestyle and still maintain a safe environment for our furry friends?

After coming up with the design of the Navigate for kids the founders sat down and thought about the four-legged kids too. Pet proofing a room is not only helpful to our on the go lifestyle but it is also crucial for keeping our dog Jackson safe at times.

Traveling and pets seem to go hand in hand these days. Taking the family dog to grandmas house seemed a whole lot easier when we could pet proof any room. Giving our dog the freedom to roam as he pleases in designated areas was a product we needed.

There had to be a better way to provide safety and convenience for our pets in the midst of changing lifestyles. Thus, The NAVIgate was born. A simple way to provide the ultimate safety and versatility for all families.

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