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The Story Of Our Incredible Baby Play Gate

Today’s parents have a more hectic lifestyle than ever before. Working and managing toddlers, on the move either in the house or on the go, stationary is not an option. Regardless, the safety of our children is a constant. The question then becomes, What is the best way to manage an on-the=go lifestyle and still maintain a safe environment for our children?

Six years ago, we traveled for the first time with my 15 month old daughter, leaving the safety of our baby-proofed home, and went to a friend’s home who did not have toddlers. It felt like an accident waiting to happen.

My neighbor works from home. She is constantly running from her office to the kitchen while watching her 2 year old. Moving her gate from doorway to doorway was a constant struggle, especially if there were banisters or uneven doorways.

There had to be a better way to provide safety in the midst of changing lifestyles. Thus, The Navigate was born. It’s more than just a baby play gate; it’s a child security gate that can handle any environment. At last, we have a simple child protective gate to provide the ultimate safety and versatility for all families.

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