How to Work From Home with Children

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How to Work From Home with Children

Many of us have been working from home for close to a year now. Working from home, especially with children around can be quite a difficult task. Here are a few simple tricks to establishing a successful working from home and/or learning from home routine. 


We are going to lead with this one because it is quite possibly the most important while we work from home and learn from home. When you work where you live and live where you work, setting boundaries can get a little tricky. It is important to still take your normal lunch break, recess, coffee break, etc. Not only does your brain need a break, but your eyes do too! Getting up and giving yourself a good stretch is necessary for helping your posture from sitting for long periods of time. 

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It can be rather convenient to work from the couch or your bed but you will not be impressed by your productivity levels. Setting up designated workstations when working from home allows for necessary boundaries for both parents working from home and children, both learning and/or playing at home. These designated workstations help everyone better recognize when each member of the family is “at work.” 


Have toddlers who require more attention? Grade school children who need school help? If there are multiple parents or adults working from home create a routine that allows each adult to focus on their work for a period of time and take turns helping the children. This keeps the family getting frustrated when they are constantly interrupted or upset because nobody is paying attention to them! 

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Life isn’t perfect. We all know that. We cannot expect our days and schedules to run perfectly either especially while working from home. Although it can be rather frustrating to be disrupted, it is bound to happen. Give your family some grace and allot some extra time in your schedule for inevitable disturbances. 


Being at home more often than ever doesn’t give anyone the best outlook - not even for introverts. To keep the family excited, plan things in your schedule to look forward to. Think movie nights, grabbing takeout, family exercise time, anything that brings the whole family’s undivided attention together is definitely something every member of the family will look forward to.

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Every member of the family is performing their own tasks throughout the day whether it is working from home or learning from home. It’s important to stop and take interest in one another. Explain to your children what it is you do or what you’re doing. Ask your children what they’re working on. This can help everyone understand one another a little bit more and brings value to what other people are working on. It also can show the importance of different work to every person focusing on different tasks and projects. 

Working and learning from home is no small feat. These are a few tips and tricks to help better navigate this time together. Establishing a routine that is sustainable is key to a successful WFH schedule!

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