The Navi Safety Gate | Retractable | Adjustable | Collapsible | Banisters and Walls | Babies, Toddlers, Pets

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The Navi gate's patented design makes it easy to put and takedown in seconds with no tools or attachments necessary! 

  • Fits openings from 29.5" - 45"
  • Patented ratcheting system makes it easy to put and keep the gate securely into place.
  • Unique angled poles for stronger sides allowing for more pressure to be applied to the gate without it being knocked down.
  • Dual-action locking release mechanism to make sure only adults can release the gate once secured.
  • For use with babies 6 - 24 months of age
  • Durable nylon
  • Great for travel and at home
  • Folds up into its nice compact size of 31" x 7".
  • Gate weighs 5lbs.
  • Large silicon pads help it adhere to multiple surface shapes, sizes, and materials.
  • Great for these openings: banisters, kitchens, islands, the bottom of stairs, sliding glass doors, french doors, deck openings, baseboard areas, and more.
  • Great for pets - American Pet Association 5-star approved.